U.S. Department of Energy Awards LF Illumination Recognition for EF600 Cove System

Awards for winners of the 2016 Indoor and Outdoor NGL SSL Design Competition were presented at LIGHTFAIR International 2016 on April 26 in San Diego. 25 commercial LED indoor and outdoor lighting products were recognized for excellence.

LF Illumination’s EF600 Linear Cove Lighting System was recognized in the Indoor Cove and Wall Wash category.

The EF600 is a small profile linear asymmetric system that can be mounted in an architectural cove to light ceilings or walls. A user adjustable back shield allows the specifier to tailor the optics to eliminate all unwanted spill light. Units come with contractor friendly integral through-wiring and are available at three different power densities to address energy codes.

The judges appreciated the illuminance, color and adjustable backlight shield of this cove luminaire from LF Illumination.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: EF6-C

Light Output: 3482 lumens

Input Power: 33.57 watts

Efficacy: 103.72 lm/W

Power Factor: 0.997

CCT: 3082

CRI: 82

Testing Lab: UL Verification Services Inc.

Testing Number: 1153000