LED Dimming performance that is
indistinguishable from that of
incandescent light
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VF100 and LumaDIM™ together provide a whole new level of choice for light output with fully adjustable color control

LEDs have proven an effective source for many lighting applications. In the case of architectural lighting, accent and display applications have been the most widely used. Until now these designs have been limited to a single color temperature. Today, with greatly improved color quality and warm CCTs at high CRI levels, LEDs are now being used in hospitality and other areas where the effect of a "warm incandescent" type of lighting is needed. LumaDIM™ from LF Illumination can dim our VF100 LED products from a 3000K CCT at full brightness to 1800K at 1% of full range, and maintain a 90 CRI throughout, creating a warm output never before achievable with LED sources.